Congratulations to all of the

Class of 2016 graduates! 

For our high school grads, this means saying good-bye to high school friends and your parents and heading down the road of life heading towards more freedom, possibly taking some time off to travel or entering full time in to the work force.  For many, this is just one part of schooling finished as they seek  higher education and enter in to college.

No matter what you decide to do, you have accomplished a major life milestone! Before jumping in to the next big thing, take some time to relax, sleep in and relish in your accomplishment. 

F U N  G R A D  F A C T S :

Between the day you are born and the time you graduate high school, you get roughly 940 Saturday’s to relax and have fun!

Michael Kearney of Mobile, Alabama is the youngest known high school and college graduate. He finished a home-school high school program at age 6 and at 10 earned a bachelor’s degree.

Cecil Smith of Westlake, California, is the oldest known recipient of a General Educational Development (GED) degree. He dropped out of school in the 1920s and earned his degree some 80 years later at age 94.

The graduation cap was initially a “hood” and is believed to date back to the Celtic time when Druid priests wore capes and hoods to symbolize their intelligence.

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